Training Courses

Specific short-term courses related to tourism


These courses will be held by considering the needs and challenges of tourism industry in national and international levels and updating the knowledge of senior managers in the tourism services’ centers and state tourism authorities with cooperation of world universities and UNWTO members by leading tourism professors in following sections:

  • For managers at public sector
    • Tourism Destination Management
    • Tourism Development
    • Tourism Master Plans
    • Management and development of halal tourism
    • Management and development of special interest tourism
  • For managers at private sector
  • Hotels, travel agencies, airlines, restaurants and tourism related services

درباره سیتی وان


This institutions grants one-year scholarship to 30 students and researchers of special interest tourism and halal tourism for participation in the specific courses and research.


The International Institute for Research and Development of Special Interest Tourism provides study opportunities for 20 elites and scholars in tourism field in each year based on the regulations of high council of SITI 1. Cost of this three-month study opportunity will be paid by institution.