Scientific and Practical Solutions

Providing scientific and technical solutions

ارائه راهكارهای علمی و فنی
SITI 1 is based on the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of special interest tourism and acts to provide solutions for problems and challenges in the tourism industry based on the special and unique core of SITI 1 including organizations, institutions (accommodation, travel agencies, airlines, land and marine transportation, restaurants and recreational centers). An important distinction between SITI 1 and other solution providers in the tourism industry is that in this institution, contrary to what is common, providing solution is done based on the tourist not tourism destination. In SITI 1 institute, based on the analyzing mental spirit of tourist, one SITI 1 framework is created per tourist. This causes that the tourism structure develops based on the SITI 1 framework and highest mental sublimation achieves during tourism. In this institution, services like consultation, standard setting, special-purpose solutions, scientific and economic research and studies and solutions conformed to SITI 1, are presented as the main services of new solutions.