Inspection steps

Halal Tourism Certification Process

  • Fill in and send the Application Form to and receive the confirmation from SITI 1 office within 24 hours.
  • Sign and stamp the mutual agreement between the Applicant and SITI1 and send it to The original copy of the agreement must be sent by post to the address of SITI1.
  • Transfer the money for Halal Tourism certification agreed in the agreement and send the transfer proof to SITI1 (48 hours after the invoice was issued).
  • Documents review and getting the approval of related authorities and associations about the authenticity of the registered documents that takes one week.
  • On-site Inspection visits by the experts and auditors team of SITI1 who are accredited and approved by INSO from the offices and other premises belonging to the Applicant.
  • Evaluation and review the forms and questioners by SITI1 international experts regarding the satisfaction of customers and passengers.
  • Asking the views of customers and passengers based on the standards of enrichment of soul and spirits.
  • The manager director or technical manager representing the Applicant must pass three days special course on Halal Tourism in European Union or Iran to get the certificate.
  • The Applicant will join to either SITI1 Members Network or Knowledge Network or Elite Network and will be nominated to win the SITI1 international awards.
  • Final approval by senior auditor and Sharia Advisory Board.
  • Issuance of Halal Tourism Certificate.

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Documents needed to get Halal Tourism Certificate

  • (All the documents must be in JPEG format)
  • Your local and international certificates and standards
  • Your publicity Brand
  • Your Company Logo
  • Your compulsory standard license
  • Your operating license from the Ministry of Health
  • Permits and licenses of other government authorities
  • Permit from the municipality
  • Permit from other authorities
  • Registration documents (certificate of registration, declaration, statutes, establishment ad at the gazette, and …)
  • Tax declaration
  • All the documents must be stamped as original.

Halal Tourism Certificate will be issued for one year and extended after evaluation for next year.