MOU signed between President University and SITI 1

The first MOU with an Indonesian party was signed by Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, the Rector of President University and Mr. Mohammad Hossien Ahmadi Moghaddam, the Managing Director of International Institute for Research and Development of Special Interest Tourism (SITI 1 and Halal Tourism) in Tehran.

During a visit to Iran, Dr. Haryanto and Dr. Larso his Vice Rector made fruitful discussions with SITI 1 top management that ended to the signature of above MOU. In this Memorandum of Understanding, both parties agreed on following issues:

Bachelor degree in Halal Tourism; Master degree and PhD degree (research based) in Halal Tourism under sub categories of hotel and accommodation; tour and travel companies; restaurants and coffee shops; food and beverage; transportation including air, sea, land and rail transport; hospital and dentistry; clothing; beauty shops; tour guides; recreational sites; chain stores; cosmetics; medicine and drugs; handicrafts and slaughter houses. Also, they agreed to create a consortium for supporting research collaboration and establish joint Research Center for Halal Tourism at President University. In addition, the President University will be the Hub and Representative of SITI 1 for giving Halal Tourism Certificate for tourism service providers in Indonesia. Student/faculty members exchange, using the graduates of President University as the inspectors and auditors in Halal Tourism, collaboration for guest lectures, seminars, and other relevant activities in the field of tourism are among the issues agreed by both sides.

Finally, the President University and SITI 1 will be hosting an International Conference in Halal Tourism in Indonesia in 2017

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