Certificates and Standards

Halal Tourism Standards and Certificate

A. Halal Tourism Standards

This standard aims to determine requirements and basic features of halal tourism based on the teachings of Islam and its functional models and activities in each step of tourism trend according to the definitions and guidelines in this standard such that the process and standard activity is consistent with requirements and opinions of Islamic scholars, especially supreme Muslims’ authority, Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi in order to develop global halal tourism industry. It is necessary to mention that halal tourism standard set by this institution by national code 19933 was approved in the January 2016 by National Standard Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran.

This standard has applications in following cases:

  • conducting any activity in the tourism sector based on the religious principles of Islam
  • required mechanisms for continuing halal tourism
  • any behavior or action in tourism sector based on the definition of tourism in this standard
  • products, services and solutions for tourism and related fields (travelers, tourists, pilgrims and halal tourism service providers)
  • Activities compatible with individual trend and structure for tourism activity such that the highest compatibility with human spirit is for evolution of family

B. Halal Tourism Certificate

Tourism services centers including hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, stores, hospitals and companies producing food and drinks, cosmetics and medicine, can receive halal tourism certificate from SITI 1 by observing above standards and registering in the SITI 1 website and passing technical inspection.