About SITI 1

About SITI 1

درباره سیتی وان
Based on two decades of research and studies, the International Institute of Research and Development with Special Interest Tourism (SITI 1) was founded in 2015. This organization introduces scientific methods to find solutions and respond to challenges and demands of the tourism industry at national and international levels. SITI 1, along with the professional and expert team in various international tourism areas such as, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, restaurants and hospitality, handcrafts, food, educational and academic, health services and Halal Tourism, was purposed to enrich the soul and spirit of tourists. This organization has recently established branches in several different tourism destinations such as Spain, France, United States of America, Malaysia, Turkey, Malaysia, Georgia, Oman and United Arab Emirates.

Services and activities of SITI 1 are planned in following seven main cores:

  1. 1- Providing scientific and technical solutions
  2. 2- Research and development (R&D)
  3. 3- Ranking, Accreditation and Validation
  4. 4- SITI 1 Global Card
  5. 5- International certificates and standards for special interest tourism and halal tourism
  6. 6- SITI 1 International Awards for Halal Tourism and Special Interest Tourism
  7. 7- Specific short-term education courses related to tourism
It is worthy to mention that this institute is ready to cooperate with all universities, scientific and research centers, research and development institutes in national and international level about different tourism issues and technical, economic and cultural aspects of travel, tourism and hospitality. Therefore, this institute welcomes any new idea, cooperation, expert opinion, innovation and other fields for common cooperation.

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